MPM 1D – Performance Task

It is hard to believe it is almost the holiday break. My students are writing their Cycle 4 test on Tuesday (weather permitting). It’s that time of year where you never know when you might get a snow day. The majority of Cycle 5 will consist of activities and good questions that will help consolidate all of the concepts we have learned. We have pretty much covered everything by now.

During the last cycle we had a performance task. I ran this assessment last year but I changed it a bit this year. The task was split over 2 days.

Day 1 – Group Portion

Students were given the following problem. I believe I got it from Thach-Thao Phan when we visited Glebe Collegiate 2 years ago.


Students completed this on the VNPS and I provided them chart paper to tape up so they could do the graph. I was so impressed by how well they worked together and with their collaboration. The tricky part was realizing that you would need Pythagorean Theorem for the lengths of 2 of the sides of the triangle.

Students also had trouble finding a line perpendicular to y = 5. They knew y = 5 was a horizontal line and that the perpendicular line must be a vertical line, but they always seem to struggle with the fact a vertical line is x = a. I brought them together and we consolidated this and made the connection that it is always just the x-value.

I circulated and recorded observations. While this portion is mainly formative and allows them to prep for the independent part, I have been working on tracking more formative assessment this year.

Day 2- Independent Portion

I used the group portion question to come up with a similar type of question for the independent part. Students received the following.


Once they completed their graph they handed this in to receive Part 2 of the assessment. I didn’t split it into 2 parts last year, but found that the students who messed up some of their graph had difficulty completing the remaining portion.


Unlike the triangle, they got a rectangle with this one. Part 2 consisted of the graph already complete.


Some students wrote a ton for (b) “How do the lines compare?” I always tell them to “tell me as much as you know” and “never leave anything blank.” I think the open ended questions are hard to tell when you have answered the whole question.


Again, students needed to find the area and perimeter of the shape. Next year, I will add to prove it is a rectangle using diagonal properties.

This went extremely well. I really like having the two days where they are able to collaborate prior to completing the independent portion.

I’m already thinking about second semester. I don’t have a 1D (sad face), but I am excited to try the MHF 4U course in the spiraled fashion. I teach the enriched version of the MHF 4U/MCV4U, which is a whole year AP calculus course. I have a 10 academic so I may give that a go and use some of Mary Bourassa’s resources and try spiraling that. With a new addition coming to the family in May, I will have to see how much free time I have. As t goes to infinity, that limit may be approaching 0.


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