Assessment & Evaluation in MPM 1D

When we began spiraling 2P math two years ago, we also looked at changing our assessment practices. We previously had given unit tests and graded them based on the four achievement chart categories (Knowledge/Application/Thinking/Communication). Once we switched to spiraling, it seemed to make more sense to organize the questions based on the overall expectations covered during that cycle. The tests still contain questions from all areas of the achievement chart though. This seemed to be the way other teachers were doing it who were also spiraling in other boards.


We had parent-teacher interviews last week. I had a record number of parents, which is great to see! I used to use Markbook to record grades. I liked it because I was able to provide students with a printout of marks. This was especially great to have something to hand out to parents at parent night. Since I now use excel to track achievement, I didn’t have a convenient way to print out an update for students. I had developed a word document for 2P, so I converted it so I can use it in 1D. It tracks achievement by the 11 Overall Expectations for the course, as well as, somewhere for learning skills and comments/feedback.


My plan is to eventually allow an area for students to reflect and fill out the next steps themselves (possibly in conferencing type situation).

I have also coordinated my excel file to colour code cells for easily noticing areas of need for each student.


I was able to set up a mail merge feature in word so that it reads from the excel file and prints out the 30 progress reports in a matter of seconds. The coding took some time, but now that it is set up, it is pretty easy to run reports. I plan to provide these to students and parents after each cycle.

I also track a lot of formative assessments. I provide students with “quizzes” that are not graded. I write feedback all over them and it was one thing that students mentioned a lot at the parent-teacher interviews. They liked having the “no stress” situation and ability to self-assess where they have gaps before the test.

Planning to try a new activity soon. Barbie wasn’t overly “thrilled” with her last bungee adventure.




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