Fast Skipper & Fast Walker

This week students wrote their third cycle test. We are pretty much done the course. We’ll spend the next two cycles reviewing and developing a deeper understanding of the expectations.

Cycle Test 3

The cycle tests are definitely starting to look like a final exam. The most recent test consisted of questions from all 4 strands. Report cards were handed out this week, and I must say, that grading the tests by expectations makes it a lot easier to write comments.

Fast Skipper

This was an activity we created last semester. I wrote a previous blog post about it so I won’t go into much detail. It involved viewing the world skipping record and trying to determine our own skipping rate.


Always nice when you can incorporate some physical activity into the math.

Fast Walker

With the weather getting much nicer out (Thursday was a high of 25 degrees C), I wanted to take the kids outside. Sometimes the easiest of things can generate a pretty good activity. The joy of grade 9 is that one of the main concepts is Linear Relations. There are so many things out there that involve some type of a linear relation.


Lots of great things in here (proportions, rate, linear relations, solving equations, unit conversions, graphing). I’ll likely continue this on Monday and talk about having two people walk with different rates (or maybe a race between the tortoise and the hare). How much of a head start should the tortoise have? I might also try to incorporate some distance-time graphs into this activity. If you walk around the track half way, stop to tie your shoe, and continue to walk, how would the graph look now? What if you walk 3/4 of the way, turn around and come back to the start?

PD Day

We had a PD day on Friday which was to focus on math. Four of us were out of the school on Friday to mark the math contests for the CEMC at the University of Waterloo. We had left 5 activities for the teachers in our school to try out:

Looks like it was a pretty good time!


See math can be fun and isn’t always this:



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