Grade 9 Academic Update

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter weekend!

Distributive Property

We started this week looking at the distributive property. We began with an activity about combos at McDonalds from Henderson Math.

The students seemed to understand this really well so we moved to looking at examples with variables and exponents. Mr. Corrigan and I created an activity to practice distributive property.


It involved drawing 4 cards to place in the blanks. We chose cards so we could get positive and negative numbers. Students then rolled a die 3 times to determine the exponents. It worked really well!

Standard Form of a Line

Up until now, we have only looked at y = mx + b. The academic course requires students to look at the standard form and be able to convert from standard to slope-intercept.

We started creating simple linear equations from a word problem.


I wanted them to practice rearranging a formula in part (c).

We then looked at how to graph a line in standard form using the x & y intercepts or converting to slope-intercept form.

Students then circulated the class where I had put 10 questions up for them to do on the VNPS and we rotated through them as a station activity.

Filler Up

On Friday we worked through the Water Balloon Mishap activity from Jon Orr. We will continue this activity on Tuesday and look at extending it to a leaking balloon and creating some graphs and linear equations.


One thought on “Grade 9 Academic Update

  1. Hello,
    Myself and another teacher in my school are spiralling the Grade 9 academic math course for the first time this semester. We have been using your outline for the first three weeks and have been finding it very useful. Would it be possible for you to share with us the outline that you used for the course? Thanks


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