Week 8 of Grade 9 Academic

Trashketball Day 1 – 3

This week we worked through the spiralled lesson presented by Jon Orr. We followed the lesson pretty much exactly. The first day involved determining how many trashketballs would fill the box. It was our first look at a volume of a sphere. Day 2 involved shooting practice and determining our shooting rate and on day 3 we raced and compared our shooting rate with a partner.

Trashketball Day 4

We added a day 4 to this lesson which involved seeing how many we could sink from various distances in 30 seconds.


The students collected their data and then created a scatter plot and a line of best fit. They found the equation and were asked to solve some questions using their equation.


Students really enjoyed this lesson and I think they got a lot out of it.

Asking Good Questions

I’ve been trying to avoid the “this question is too hard” mentality and just giving them the question anyways. Day 3 of trashketball involved determining when you and your partner would be tied and how much of a head start they would need. As a warm up, I gave them the following question


Students tackled the problem. Multiple different strategies were used. Some used brute force, some used trial and error, and one group managed to solve using the two equations. We had a great talk about efficiency and precision. Most said they would have around the same amount of water around 30 seconds. Close, but not the exact answer. Good thinking here nonetheless.



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