Week 7 of 9 Academic

Angles & Equations

We began this week with a great activity I found from Mrs. Newell. We previously worked with equations and angle properties and this was an amazing consolidation of both!


Students cut out the pieces (there were 12 of them) and then solved the angle problem and put them in the correct order to make a puzzle. Some challenging questions here, but we were up to it.

Optimizing 2D Shapes

Students worked through the problem of finding the maximum area of a rectangle given a fixed perimeter. Each group received 20 toothpicks and made as many rectangles as they could. I also had them plot a scatter plot of area vs. length. This was our first look at a non-linear graph so that worked out well.

We also explored minimum perimeter and a rectangle with only 3 sides.

Review & Cycle Test

The literacy test was this week. We spent the period reviewing for the cycle test on Friday. The students seem far more confident in their mathematical abilities than in my previous experience. We have also covered a lot of the expectations considering we have only done 2 cycles. The plan is to do 3 more cycles of roughly 15 days each. My hope is to have covered the material by the end of the next cycle and spend the last two cycles going into deeper understanding and greater breadth.

I use the word “covered” here loosely as I much prefer Alex Overwijk’s thought of uncovering the expectations not covering the expectations.


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