Week 3 of Grade 9 Academic

Day 8 – Ball Bouncing

Warm Up

Today’s warm up was a WODB.



Today’s activity was looking at the relationship between drop height of a ball and the rebound height.


Students chose a ball and determined the different heights they would drop the ball from and recorded the rebound height. Once they had collected 10 points, I provided them with a piece of graph paper and had them create a scatter plot. This was their first scatter plot created from real data. Quite a few students used the squiggly line when making their scale.

Once they completed their graph, we worked through the following together. We discussed correlation and trends, line of best fit, interpolation and extrapolation.



For homework, the students needed to finish their graph and add the line of best fit and the equation.

Day 9 – Super Bear

Warm Up

Today’s warm up was an EQAO problem.



Our topic for today was Rates, Ratios and Proportions. We completed the Super Bear Task.

Day 10 – Graphing Stories

Warm Up




Today we looked at Distance/Time graphs. Students were provided with a sheet of blank distance time graphs. We watched the videos from Walk Out Math. I did not give the students much instruction as I was curious what they would come up with. We completed a few acts and the students were catching on quite quickly. As a consolidation, we looked at other situations and students wrote their own story for a given graph.

Students worked through a couple extra questions for practice as homework.

Day 11 – Pythagorean Theorem

Warm Up

Today’s warm up was a Would You Rather?



Today we worked through Corner to Corner from Jon Orr. I adjusted it a bit to match our classroom. I posed the following problem.


There was great discussion here. Most students know the Pythagorean Theorem so assumed we would need to know that. Also, they wanted some measurements so I provided them with these measurements.


Most students initially asked why I didn’t provide them with the diagonal floor measurement. One student piped up and said you didn’t need it because you can find it out. Perfect!

They worked and found out their answers on the VNPS.



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