Day 1 – Spiralling in 9 Academic Math

Having taught the 10P course now for 2 years, it is time to move on and see if we can make some changes in other courses. We’ve had great success with 10P math. Only 3 students were unsuccessful this past semester out of 72 students.

As most of Ontario is involved with the RMS (Renewed Math Strategy), we have been working on cross panel work, as well as, improving our students understanding in Grade 9 Math. My colleague Mr. Corrigan began implementing spiralling this past semester in his grade 9 courses.

With the new semester starting, I am fortunate to have a new room that has been setup with VNPS! Love having this many whiteboards!


Over Christmas, I began thinking about how I would spiral my 9 academic math class this semester. Our cross panel work has focused on “From Patterns to Algebra” by Dr. Ruth Beatty and Dr. Catherine Bruce.


I used this as a starting point to plan the first few days of the grade 9 course. My hope is to use the patterning to introduce graphing, table of values, slope, equations, partial and direct relations, etc. Luckily we have 4 teachers teaching 9D this semester so there will be lots of people to collaborate with. Ms. Cox will be spiralling the 9 applied course, as well as, the 9D.

Day 1

Right from the first day, I find it important to get the students used to visible random groupings (VRG). I stand at the door to greet the students and hand them a card to let them know their table.

I handed out the course outline, discussed spiralling, VNPS, and VRG. To get students used to working in a collaborative environment, we did a few rounds of “Skyscrapers.”


They love this! They would probably play for the whole period but I wanted to do some math and introduce them to the VNPS.

I’m involved with the CEMC and enjoy the Problems of the Week. I chose 3 problems from the Grade 7 & 8 section to have the students work on at the VNPS in their VRG. One of the problems dealt with Fractions, one dealt with decimals and percents and the last one was just a challenge type question. It was awesome to see them so engaged in math on day 1!




Tomorrow we are going to look at basic visual patterns. Hoping to graph and introduce them to direct variations.




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